Happy Mother’s  to all the wonderful moms out there.  We hope you have a very special day!  There is a lot going on at Christ the King this week!  Please go to www.christthekingaltoona.com for our calendar.  Please note one thing not on the calendar yet is the Children of Christ preschool program on Thursday night at 7p.  Even if you are not a member or don’t have a child in our preschool yet, please come to Christ the King on Thursday night to see these little ones perform!  They love a large audience!

And for those of you who haven’t made a preschool decision for next year yet, please consider a faith based program at Children of Christ.  We promise you won’t regret the amazing curriculum, certified staff or awesome field trips!  You can find more information at www.christthekingaltoona.com under the preschool tab.

We hope everyone has a blessed week!


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