Please join us on August 28 at 6:30pm for our Preschool Orientation!  We will be helping your child learn what to expect at preschool this year and reviewing information for our parents as well!  We will be accepting all registration paperwork at this time!  And best of all, we will have ice cream when we have finished all of that!  Please join our staff, members and families to celebrate the beginning of the school year!!  REMEMBER, school begins on September 5!!

 Children of Christ Preschool



We believe that Children of Christ Preschool offers children the best opportunity for achieving the goals of Christian education outside the home. Children of Christ Preschool will help them develop healthy personalities, form values and attitudes for a positive self image and good relationships. We believe that dedicated and committed Christian teachers and aides will provide young children with numerous opportunities for growth and development.



The amount of tuition each year is determined by the Children of Christ Preschool Board of Education.



Programs/classes offered are determined by the Board of Education on an annual basis.  Factors used to determine programs include enrollment, returning student progress, student age and kindergarten entrance expectations.



For more information about Children of Christ Preschool, click here for our brochure or call us at 515-967-3349.