Read what others are saying about Children of Christ Preschool!

“It is definitely a must to come here. You have treated us amazingly. You know our children and have been with us since day one…You guys go above and beyond teaching our kids.” ~Parents Amanda and Anthony

“It became important to our family because everything [she] was learning. Not just the ABCs, but one day you were talking about Baptism. I don’t know how to talk about Baptism to a 3-year-old. She had the groundwork, so we can talk more about it at home.”  ~Parents Carrie and Spencer

“The preschool provides a well-rounded education. We like that Jesus time is part of the structure because it is such an important age to learn about Jesus.” ~Parents Craig and Lori

“Never been happier! The staff are great my 3-year-old actually cried when school was over! Can’t wait for another great year!”  ~Parent  


AEA Observation

Recently, an AEA consultant has been observing a student within our program; the following comments were made by her to our preschool director and paraphrased by our director to our congregation:

“She was very complimentary of our teaching and engagement with the children and was entirely convinced that the child she was observing was getting the best possible care he could receive right now, even beyond a program within the school district.  She said that if she were given the opportunity, she would highly recommend this preschool.  She was about in tears at the ‘noble offering’ of CTK to share their fundraising dollars to the extent of offering no tuition to students.  She has commented multiple times how CTK cannot possibly understand what impact they have made within the community when they offered this program for free for the children who are here.” ~AEA Consultant