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Worship Services:

Adult Bible Study – Sunday: 8:00 am and 10:30 am

Sunday Worship:  9:00 am

Creative Worship:  First Sunday of each month

Holy Communion:  We offer Holy Communion each Sunday during worship.

Kids Bible Time: Immediately following worship, all ages welcome.

100_2354Lent Worship Services will be held at 7pm each Wednesday evening beginning February 14.  Everyone is welcome to join us! 

Easter Worship Service will be at 8am on April 1.

Worship stands at the heart of the Christian life.

Worship is the practice of “stepping away” from the pattern and press of daily life to intentionally love God. In doing so, the disciple gains a deeper understanding and experience of the majesty, mercy and mystery of God. In worship we praise God for being God, for being our God!

The disciple can “step away” from the routine of the moment to honor God in numerous ways: through participation in the public event of a worship service  through the creative act of art, drama, dance, craft, music and song  through listening to a sermon or receiving the sacrament through an encounter of God in the beauty of creation, and more.

While “worship” is more than what we often mean by the word “worship,” the maturing disciple acknowledges that the act of corporate worship within the context of a celebrating congregation is key and necessary to a disciple’s walk and life of devotion. Part of a disciple’s job description is to worship God regularly.

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Worship Services

Adult Bible Study: Sunday 8:00 am and 10:30 am

Sunday Worship: 9:00 am

Kids Bible Time: Immediately following worship

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