Youth Group

The Youth Group at Christ the King consists of students that have been confirmed and those within the KICK program that would like to participate.  Each year the Youth Group participates in the 30 hour famine, a shut in event to raise money to donate to underprivileged in Africa.  To kick off the 30 hour famine, the Youth Group hosts a bake sale, in addition to the bake sale, they sell flowers and candy to our members and other interested parties in the weeks leading up to Valentines’ Day.  During the 30 hour famine, they do everything EXCEPT eat!  They play games, watch movies, etc!

Additionally, our Youth Group participates in the annual Junior Youth Group Gathering in West Des Moines; primarily the students that have not been confirmed participate in this.  This is a fantastic event for our youth as they get the opportunity to meet other Lutherans of the same age and from all over the state!!  The Youth Gathering is always a fun time for this kids with all the activities they have (crafts, music, etc); they offer it all to the kids!!

The Youth Group does do smaller “congregation members only’ events such as bowling, movies, dinners,etc.  As a group they choose what they would like to do.

They also enjoy performing community service events.  In 2011 our Youth Group worked hard with our congregation to be a host to over 200 RAGBRAI riders as they made an overnight stop in Altoona.  They also help out each year with Vacation Bible School and many other events within our congregation.

At the 2013 30 hour famine, Christ the King’s Youth Group raised over $1000 thanks to donations from members and a grant that matched the amount they raised!  Congratulation to our Youth Group!  We are very proud!!