Hi everyone!!!  We have some exciting things going on with Children of Christ Preschool that we would like to officially announce today!  Beginning in September of 2013 (this coming up school year) we will be offering a new program to 2 1/2 year old children one day a week!!!  We believe in our mission and feel that we should be sharing our fantastic program and mission with the younger ones as well!  Of course, our curriculum will be faith based and these youngsters will be learning about Jesus, what He has done for us and the magnificent love and purpose He has for every one of us!  Our website will have updated information soon, but you can go to www.christthekingaltoona.com right now and fill our the registration forms and send them in!  You can also call 967-3349 for more details!  But please don’t delay, as we have limited space available!

In other news, we have a few spots left in our 3-5 year old preschool programs.  You can register online at our website or call for more information about those programs as well!

Please go to our website for an updated calendar of events!

And finally, today’s sermon by Pastor John Schonkaes was about God’s purpose for us.  Please take a moment today to think about what His purpose is for you, for your family, for your spiritual life.  Live for that purpose, remind yourself of it often, and ask for His guidance!  He will provide you with all that you need and, in the words of Pastor Mike Bodkins, “Jesus loves you, no matter what!”

Have a blessed, Christ filled, purposeful week!

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