Hello everyone!  Sorry our post is a little late this week, it took me a while to catch up from my weekend!  By watching the weather reports we are still working on entering the spring season, rain, thunder and snow are all predicted this week.  Just another way our great and powerful Lord reminds us that He is the one in charge!

Please take a moment today to pray for those affected by the sad and senseless tragedy that occurred in Boston this week.  During this horrific time, may we remember those who responded to the needs of the injured, those who lost loved ones, those injured and those investigating who orchestrated such a terrible act upon so many innocent individuals.  In our weakness, may God give us strength to move forward and strength to forgive.

Our weekly calendar is on our site at www.christthekingaltoona.com.  We have a PPC meeting this week!  We pray that you have a blessed week and may God watch over you each and every day!

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